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The Rose Sisters

Twin sisters Ella and Dina were born in Kiev Ukraine. Their family came to the United States in their youth to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The sisters began singing in their early childhood along with their older sister who pursued a medical career. The duo initially sang Russian and Ukrainian songs.

A few years later they founded a musical group called Double Delight and began singing in English. Double Delight led them to their first success with a tour across the United States.

The duo was introduced to Russian audiences and instantly became popular among Russian speaking Americans. The Rose Sisters recorded songs and played roles in the movie "Moscow on the Hudson", starring Robin Williams. For many years, the duo could be found performing in a popular Russian night club in New York called, "National".

The twins released their first CD "Together Forever" which included their greatest hit "Atlantic City". Six years later another CD "How's is it in Russia", was released. The songs were written by popular composers Igor Krutoi and Igor Nikolaev specifically for the duo. This project would show the path to famous concert stages throughout Russia. The duo began to visit Russia frequently for concert appearances and tours. The CD "The Vagabond" (Brodiaga), composed by Slava Tenenbaum followed the song by the same name was very popular and most requested for years to come. The next CD "You and Me ( Ti eto Ya), by Igor Krutoi included the hit song "Twins." The song lyrics were written by profound Russian song lyricist Michael Tanich, who after spending time with the Sisters wrote the words to fit their lifestyle and personalities.

The Rose Sisters participated for the first time in the finale of a year-long contest "Song of the Year", a prestigious song contest in Russia. They were also invited to appear on TV shows, such as "Zvukovaya Dorozhka" (The Sound Track), "Utrenniaya Pochta" (The Morning Mail), and "Shire Krug" (Let's Widen our Circle).

The following years in the 1990s and 2000s they shot numerous music videos, which made their mark in Russian music industry and TV. They were participants of a gala concert in Radio Music Hall in New York city and many other concert halls all over the world.

The Rose Sisters recorded their 5th CD, with very talented young song writer Brendon Stone. It includes beautiful ballads and songs with uptempo rhythms. This will be released in the near future.

To date, the Rose Sisters perform at concerts, private events and make each show a unique experience for everyone.


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